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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What do I do with my old batteries?
Battery Disposal

We accept them at our Waste Management Park, but you can learn more below:

RRFB Page on curbside recycling [Resource Recovery Fund Board]

Q.) Can I protect my driveway and yard?
Driveway Protection Tips - Before the Dumpster Arrives

  • Lawn VS Driveway: The advantages of using a lawn to deposit a bin vs using the driveway are largely a matter of preference and the condition of the driveway or lawn. We recommend most of our products be deposited on a reinforced surface such as a driveway, or concrete foundation. However in cases where outside renovations may be taking place, and the driveway may be required for vehicle access, we can deposit on a lawn however we cannot promise that the bin will not leave marks on your lawn. Planks should be provided by customer, if required please inquire.

  • Proactive actions: Plywood or 2x4s, or planks set down to prevent the cracking or scratching of the drive. Provided by home owner. Call to get exact dimensions of the bin you will be deploying.

Q.) When is garbage day for me?
Garbage Collection

Antigonish Town: Page 1

Antigonish County: Page 1

Q.) Is there anything I can't put in the dumpster?
Non-dumpster items

  • Car batteries
  • Full or half full paint cans
  • Rubber tires
  • Any recyclables or blue bag materials
  • Tin Cans

Q.) What should I be recycling?
Recycling Tips

Clean and dry non-refundable plastics and glass, paper and cardboard.

For more information visit:

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